Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video Reflection

Our video on Crossing Daring Street worked very well especially since neither one of us had had any real experience using this program. The actually shooting and cutting of the video worked very well. We knew exactly what we wanted to portray in our video and set out to do just that.  Everything worked very well with very few hiccups. Although, it was difficult to find time to film with our busy schedules and there were also conflicts with the weather.  If I had to approach this project differently I would have liked to include just random people walking across the street not knowing that we were filming. I will take away a lot of skills from learning how to use MovieMaker. I had never made a video and posted it online before. I learned a lot from how to film and make sure that there is enough film to be edited and how to upload it into the program to edit the film. Also after having complications at first on how to upload the video to YouTube I was able to learn how to convert the video so that it would be compatible for the Internet. I can now say that I know how to edit videos and some creativity into a subject that could possibly be dull or boring into something exciting, informative, and creative.

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