Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video Project Scenario

In a High School 10Th-12Th grade American Government classroom I would incorporate a video project for students to make their own campaign videos. I would have my students do some research on commercials that they see on TV during election years. I would teach students how to make the videos and how to edit them and add sound. I would have students make sure that they know what they can and cannot have in their videos. I would make sure that the students know that they need to put in what their views are and what they are trying to represent in the video. I would make sure that the students work with a partner as if they are their running mate.  Some challenges could be however what students will try to present in their videos. Another issue could be if a student misses class how they would be able to finish the project.

Day 1:

-          Students would have learned about the three branches of government and how representatives get elected into office.

-          Students will learn how to use a moviemaker program.

o   They will learn how to film with a video camera

o   They will learn how to edit the film and add sound.

Day 2

-          Students will review how to edit film and add sound

o   I will then give students partners and have them brainstorm their campaigns.

o   They will create a video board outline that will show what they plan on doing during their short campaign video.

o   I will then give students time during class to do research and make their campaign videos.

Day 3-5

-          Students will be given time during class and during free periods to work on their campaign videos.  

Day 7-8

-          Students will be given time at the end of class to work on their videos when all their other work from class has been completed.

Day 9

-          Students will have finalized their projects and the students will share them in front of the class.

o   They will give the background to their campaigns.

o   Students at the end of day 9 will then vote on the best video in election ballot format like during a real election.


Students need to make sure they have completed the following in their video:

-          Made an appropriate video that flows well and is not choppy.

-          Needs to be creative and original

-          Have a clear campaign slogan

-          Have a clear representation to what the candidate is trying to represent if elected.

-          Must have they saying “I am (insert name here) and I have approved this message.

-          This video must be one to two minutes per group.

However I feel that a project like this would make an excellent end of the year project. Students would have the ability to have more time to put some sufficient effort into completing a well directed and filmed campaign video. At the end of the year the classes could sit down and watch one an other's and then vote on the ones that they thought were the best. This will also give them the ability to see the in site and influence the that videos have on the viewers for a real election.

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