Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Blog

I feel it is very important to incorporate technology into my classroom. We are entering a technology age were everyone needs knowledge on how to use the new gadgets and programs that are being invented. Having technology in the classroom allows for teachers to create a new innovated way of teaching and keeping their students engaged in their learning. Some of the benefits are that the use of technology in the classroom creates a different way of learning and meets the different learning styles of the students. It allows them to learn the basic skills for the technology and how to use them in future practices. There are many challenges that can occur in the classroom with the use of technology. Sometimes there can be glitches in the program that can force the teacher to change the way their lesson will be taught. Another challenge can be making a lesson too much about the technology then the lesson. All of these challenges can be avoided by knowing how to use the technology and having a backup plan if a lesson is not going the way that was expected.
Some of the most important lessons that I will take a way form this class and use wills probably how to use the Smartboard, Microsoft Word, wix.com and Inspiration. I know that not many schools have smartboards at this time but it is a good to learn how to use if I am placed in a classroom with one. I can create interactive lessons that will liven up the everyday classroom and make students more engaged in their learning. I liked learning more about Microsoft Word and all of its different functions. I can do more than just create basic documents. I can make Newsletters and flyers that I could potentially use in my classroom and share with my students. Wix.com for the creation of my e-portfolio was a great new experience. I had never made a website before and the creation of it allowed me to think of many different ways I could possibly use it for my classroom. I could make a classroom website and have everything that students might need access to during the school year on there. Parents will be able to contact me through it and know I can keep my students and their parents updated about what is going on in the classroom. Inspiration is another technological tool that I enjoyed to learn about. Being a future social studies teacher I learned a lot and can see myself make diagrams and outlines for my students and teaching my students how to use it on their own for studying. I learned a lot from this class and cannot wait to apply my knowledge of technology to my future classroom.

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